Ice & Snow & Hummingbirds

Now that winter is finally here with a vengeance, the landscape has begun to change somewhat: ice and snow in areas that are usually brilliant greens at this time of year. I love to explore while the temperature is below freezing to see just how different our island looks with hints of blue-tinted ice and bright white snow!

Alders Duck-Creek-06-Feb-23
Mtn-road-05-Feb-7 Mtn-road-05-Feb-10

Our local Anna’s Hummingbirds have been quite a bit more active lately seemingly preparing for mating season! It’s always a pleasure to venture outside to spend time watching them flit about the garden in pursuit of sustenance and each other!

Birds-03-Feb-5 corrected-31-Jan-11
corrected-31-Jan-17 hums-01-Feb-10 hums-01-Feb-2