A Series of Visits to the Vancouver Aquarium

I was recently house sitting in Kitsilano (Vancouver) for a couple of weeks. While I was in the city, I was trying (desperately!) to find some inspiration for some new images. The weather, as well as my health, was not co-operating and I found that any time that I ventured out of the house, I began to feel worse and worse without any real hope of capturing any photos!

I decided to take my brother’s advice and visit the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park: what a life saver! The aquarium provided just the right amount of indoor and outdoor viewing to keep me out of trouble if the weather decided to turn nasty. The various occupants of the aquarium were incredibly fascinating to view and I felt very privileged to be able to view these magnificent creatures in such close proximity. The Beluga Whales were sublime as they swam leisurely around their tank watching us watching them…such graceful creatures to behold!

The two lady Sea Otters (one about 10 years old and the other still a juvenile) were the most playful pair in the whole aquarium, obviously delighted to continually show-off for the appreciative crowds that never failed to gather around their den. To view them above and below the water line was illuminating: such different behaviour in the two contrasting environments!

The rest of the aquarium complex is equally fascinating and I was particularly drawn to the Tropical section on my last two visits (I visited the aquarium 6 times in 2 weeks!), perhaps the almost overwhelming heat inside had something to do with it…who knows? Marmosets, sloths, turtles, sharks, caymans and all manner of tropical fish were there to be seen in faux tropical waters: an almost psychedelic display of colours at times!

If you ever have an opportunity to visit the aquarium, do so: you will not regret it!



Vancouver in May

After nearly three weeks in Vancouver I have a new appreciation for the serenity of my island home. The city is vibrant and full of life but of a different sort to the island: man made, frenetic & varied in a way that Salt Spring can never be with it’s small population and limited area. I enjoyed exploring a few of the more interesting parts of the city and made the most of my time there by recording some of my experiences through the lens of my camera.

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