Spring has Arrived!

The weather is changing day to day: warm to cool, sunny to cloudy, rain to sleet (less & less!)...sure signs that Spring is here! New lambs are frolicking in the fields, kids are being birthed at the local goat cheese farm and songbirds are serenading everyone with the rising sun!

The days are finally beginning to lengthen noticeably and the sun is setting at a more reasonable hour. Blossoms & buds are out on the trees and the mating rituals of animals have begun...a fertile time of the year!

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Last vestiges of winter in late February

I was fortunate enough to witness a very rare occurrence: Ganges Harbour freezing over! Conditions need to be just right for this to happen: calm seas, continuous snow for 24-48 hours and just the right temperature. The snow thaws slightly on the surface of the ocean and then freezes once again forming thicker & thicker ice as the fresh water stays separated from the salt water producing a beautiful mosaic of ice islands!

grace-pt-24-feb kanaka-pt-24-feb
snow-24-feb-13 snow-24-feb-6
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