New Year, New Life

We are now well into 2015 and my work continues to keep me busy...I’m actually having trouble keeping up! My energy tends to be somewhat lessened over the winter months and this year has been no exception.

Despite that, I have been able to catch up on my editing and categorizing of last year’s work as well as working on new cards, fine art prints and other projects.

This time of year is especially rewarding as we see, island wide, new life begin to spring up everywhere: spring is just around the corner!

first-sun-21-feb-36 maple-syrup-22-feb-44 island-wide-31-jan-11
island-wide-31-jan-48 horsin-19-feb-9 ballet-20-jan-17

Spring Lambs

Another visit to the Harbour House to see the new life that has recently sprung up in the past few weeks: lambs bounding through the front yard! Incredible to see their connection to each other as well as to their mothers…visiting regularly for a “top up”!

HH-23-March-28 HH-23-March-55