Figurative works

I have been fortunate enough to connect with a few people who have allowed me to work with them as models in the natural environment.

I love working in collaboration with people and their visions, allowing them the freedom to move about and explore the environment in as natural a fashion as possible. I try to avoid strict posing and prefer to work in a more organic fashion observing how each interacts with Nature’s beauty, how they derive joy and inspiration from these interactions.

Links to galleries: Alexandra, Alexandra & Mokii, Laeticia

With thanks to Alexandra, Mokii and Laeticia


Forest Dwellers

A journey out to a small waterfall on the South end of the island yielded some beautiful late-Fall images. My sister Barbara and friend Jaime accompanied me and shared in the splendour of the scenery. They were both singing along to the trickling water of the falls and it created a perfect environment for me to photograph not only the natural environment but the people in it as well.

The timing couldn’t have been better for my friend Jaime: she is just leaving for a 3 month tour of Southern India where the landscape, flora & fauna will be so much different from our West Coast island. Hopefully this trip into the woods will help serve as a reminder of what she will be coming back to following her journey.

Mtn-Road-29-Nov-7 Mtn-Road-29-Nov-19
Mtn-Road-29-Nov-26 Mtn-Road-29-Nov-11Mtn-Road-29-Nov-30

Chance Encounters

On a recent visit to Burgoyne Bay I was fortunate enough to meet a group of travellers who had decided to camp on the shoreline during their visit to the island.

They were from all different parts of Canada, travelling on a whim and enjoying a period of freedom that may never return to their lives. They invited me to sit, chat and photograph for a while as they went about their morning routine…such a friendly group!