macro photography

Dew Drops

Despite the fact that it is mid-winter here on Salt Spring, there is still plenty of life in and around our garden. The birds that don’t migrate can be found searching for berries & seeds, spiders continue to weave tenuous webs and the plants continue to thrive, some even producing winter buds!

It is an especially pleasant time to venture out early to see what patterns the dew has formed on the various fauna. Tiny lenses on each bud & leaf that magnify the world around them creating miniature, upside-down versions of the garden. The textures and colours show up particularly well in the overcast conditions where there is even light to illuminate every tiny detail…beautiful!


A New Year

A new year is upon us and, so far, it promises to be a very good one indeed! The skies have been cloudy, misty, foggy, clear and everything in between creating diverse opportunities in the photographic landscape of Salt Spring Island.

It is a time to reflect back on the year gone by, to sit by a warm fire and enjoy the deep quiet of the winter months. Stacking wood, cooking soups & stews in the kitchen and relaxing with friends and family for good food and good company! Cooking is another one of my passions and during these cold and dark times I find that spending time in the kitchen keeps me busy & warm and I am rewarded with a great feast at the end of my work: a win-win for sure!


Arbutus: the peel sessions

It’s the time of year once again when our local Arbutus trees begin to peel their old, russet coloured bark to reveal fresh, avocado & lime green new bark beneath: quite a breath-taking display of textures and colours! I particularly love to capture the delicate curls of “skin” as they peel away from the trees and hang on by an invisible connection until the wind, rain, heat, cool or someone’s/thing’s touch breaks the last bond to set them free...a very improbable looking process that last a few days at most.

Arbutus Curls

Arbutus Peel

Arbutus Skin

Lambs & Goats & Spring

The sun has been rather reluctant to come out for more than a few hours but that’s just enough to get people out to enjoy some vitamin D! When I ventured out this afternoon the sun was high in the sky and shedding warm rays across the island. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at my destination for the day, Salt Spring Island Cheese, the sun had decided to hide behind some rather intense looking clouds. No worries, I merely adjusted my ASA and began to explore the farm and to photograph all of the new, young lives that were gambolling across the fields and sleeping in the hay.

The Spring brings with it new growth in the garden as well and when I’m not off running around the island there is much to see in my own backyard. Recent Works features some of my latest Spring time images: enjoy!

SSIcheese04April-4 dew

fitz-roy photo morning

another day at the fitz-roy farm with fair weather and plenty of subject matter