long exposure

Slowing Down at Booth Bay

Summer is here and, along with it, long, sunny days. The skies are blue and the waters are clear: perfect conditions for experimenting with longer exposures down at our local beach.

The water becomes more solidified and yet less well defined: waves & bubbles turn into mirror-like surfaces and delicate tendrils…something that our eyes cannot see without the help of the magic of the camera.

Beach-01-July-11 Beach-01-July-12
Beach-02-July-14 Beach-02-July

A Visit to Musgrave Road

Today was the first really hot day of summer: anywhere with pavement was to be avoided at all costs! I ventured out Musgrave Road today which is on the South end of the island. The road is fairly treacherous at times but if you take it slow in low-gear then, chances are, there won’t be any mishaps! I wanted to photograph a set of falls that I have been visiting for over a decade at various times of the year to see what sort of changes come about with the different levels of water that flow through during the different seasons.

I was well rewarded with low water levels that allowed me to set up my tripod right in the stream where I could compose photos that would otherwise have been impossible. The gully was beautifully cool compared with the rest of the island and the water was just the right temperature so that I could wade along in my sandals and enjoy the refreshing feel of the water flowing over my feet and ankles. The water won’t be flowing much longer now that summer is finally here so I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to venture out today and enjoy the last trickles until the Fall!

Musgrave-30-June-8 Musgrave-30-June-9