Ice & Snow & Hummingbirds

Now that winter is finally here with a vengeance, the landscape has begun to change somewhat: ice and snow in areas that are usually brilliant greens at this time of year. I love to explore while the temperature is below freezing to see just how different our island looks with hints of blue-tinted ice and bright white snow!

Alders Duck-Creek-06-Feb-23
Mtn-road-05-Feb-7 Mtn-road-05-Feb-10

Our local Anna’s Hummingbirds have been quite a bit more active lately seemingly preparing for mating season! It’s always a pleasure to venture outside to spend time watching them flit about the garden in pursuit of sustenance and each other!

Birds-03-Feb-5 corrected-31-Jan-11
corrected-31-Jan-17 hums-01-Feb-10 hums-01-Feb-2

Hummingbirds on the Solstice

The Summer Solstice has come and gone and along with it the longest day of 2012. The Summer has yet to really get started here on Salt Spring with cool, rainy weather being the norm for the past several weeks but a change is definitely in the air and I can feel the better weather just around the corner.

The garden is full of life, the birds are all still very active at Booth Bay and our local Saturday Market in the Park is full swing. Everything continues to change day to day as the various plants grow and grow with the rains and intermittent sun. The herons and eagles are growing as well and I see the juveniles becoming more active with each day. Time to get out and spend some quality time behind the lens!