The summer is finally in full-swing here on Salt Spring Island and, despite the cooler than normal temperatures, it is going quite well so far. I have been puttering around our property more and more these days exploring the garden which is teeming with life: ladybugs, butterflies, damselflies, bees, wasps, dragonflies and spiders all going about their daily business. My time spent in the garden is well rewarded with new, exciting compositions of colourful insects on budding flowers...compositions that will be sorely missed in the winter months!

My energy has been less than stellar so I have had limited access to my usual hiking trails and have been exploring the farm up in the Cranberry Valley as well as other easily accessible areas like Ruckle Park, Burgoyne Bay and Booth Bay. I did manage a short hike partway up Mt. Erskine yesterday and photographed the Arbutus trees which are shedding their leaves and beginning to peel...incredible to witness every year!

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Arbutus28July-5 Arbutus28July-4