Herring Spawn

Herring Spawning

A few years ago, Herring decided to visit Salt Spring to spawn in the inner harbour of Ganges. There was quite a show to be enjoyed as the water bubbled & frothed with the spawning of thousands and thousands of fish.

Booth Bay, Vesuvius Bay and Fernwood Dock were on the Herrings’ itinerary this year so I wandered down to Booth Bay to see what I could see…Herring Roe were covering virtually every rock that had seaweed or kelp attached to it: millions & millions of eggs that will, if all goes well, hatch in two or three weeks from now which will attract all sorts of birds to feed. Can’t wait until the eggs are hatched!

Roe-02-April Roe-02-April-11
Roe-02-April-7 Roe-02-April-2Roe-02-April-9