Herons in Booth Canal

On my home from Ganges the other evening, I decided to take the backroads and visit Booth Canal to see what was happening at high tide during the sunset. A couple of Great Blue Herons were feeding in the shallows of the canal, their silhouettes and reflections reminiscent of Zen-like paintings with a golden light as a background. As I was photographing the herons, a large flock of Canadian Geese began to arrive to settle in for the night…another incredible feast for the senses on Salt Spring!


Cards & Nests

I have been working on a series of cards lately trying out different combinations of images to see which ones work the best as a group. Most likely I’ll print 10 or so 4” x 6” images on folding card stock to be sold along with an envelope...something to supplement my collection of B&W postcards that I printed a few years ago. All of the photos will be from Salt Spring and will, hopefully, encompass much of what the island has to offer: a sort of mini version of what I aimed for when putting together my book.


A couple of days ago my good friend Rick brought me out to see the local Heron rookery: a collection of huge nests suspended in Alders & Maples in a small park behind the local swimming pool. The adults go fishing in Booth Bay and at Fernwood Dock and return to the nests with their fresh catch for the adolescents. The young ones are looking big enough to leave the nest soon so perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to see them on their first forays out into the World.

HeronNests-9 HeronNests-13