Figurative works

I have been fortunate enough to connect with a few people who have allowed me to work with them as models in the natural environment.

I love working in collaboration with people and their visions, allowing them the freedom to move about and explore the environment in as natural a fashion as possible. I try to avoid strict posing and prefer to work in a more organic fashion observing how each interacts with Nature’s beauty, how they derive joy and inspiration from these interactions.

Links to galleries: Alexandra, Alexandra & Mokii, Laeticia

With thanks to Alexandra, Mokii and Laeticia


Artists & Artisans: women in their creative space

For the past several months I have been visiting various women in their studios here on Salt Spring Island to record some of their incredible work and amazing processes. Each artist/artisan has a unique space, style and approach to their art but they all share one thing in common: discipline. Day in and day out they can be found in their creative spaces exploring new visions, refining delicate, subtle details and continuing their learning as they create new and exciting pieces.

From ceramic artists to fine art painters to metal sculptors, bronze sculptors, found object specialists, recyclers and more, the diversity of media in this project is quite astonishing. I will continue to work with our island’s creative women until I have a large enough body of work to mount a show and/or a book.

Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, some ongoing photographs will be included on my Project page, click the photo below to visit


Printer's Chop

A printer's chop is either applied with ink and a stamp or by embossing the paper.
It is an acknowledgement not only of the expertise of the printer but also a confirmation that the print has been inspected and passed muster with the printer/printshop. A chop is, literally, the printmaker's stamp of approval.
For Flat Earth Photography, it is also a mark that distinguishes commercial photographic prints from fine art prints. The chop can only be applied to the heavier, fine art papers used for specific editions of photographs.
This chop includes my initials (MSL) as well as the alchemical symbol for the Earth element which is associated with Prithvi in Hindu mythology. Quite apropos for my approach to my art: grounded, nurturing, giver of life
Prithvi is the Hindu earth and mother goddess. According to one such tradition, she is the personification of the Earth itself; according to another, its actual mother, being Prithvi Tattwa, the essence of the element earth.
As Prithvi Mata, or "Mother Earth", she contrasts with Dyaus Pita, "father sky". In the Rigveda, earth and sky are frequently addressed as a duality, often indicated by the idea of two complementary "half-shells."

CHOP-print chop-msl

Upcoming Show

I’ve been offered a local venue for a show in December and, as always, deciding on which photos to print is a daunting task. I prefer to present new works with each show that I do and this will be no exception: I have so many to choose from it is critical to establish a theme before going through my archives.

I have decided to explore the macro work that I have from Salt Spring, in particular, the more interpretive macro photos that I have in my collection. They are not necessarily abstract but I have chosen images that present some familiar subjects in an unusual way. It has been quite an experience to re-examine my catalogue from a slightly different perspective and I feel that the final result will be quite impressive as a show.

Here are a few early samples of what I am considering:

Dec-2012-Show-10 Dec-2012-Show-11

Dec-2012-Show-13 Dec-2012-Show-15

Dec-2012-Show Dec-2012-Show-8

Dec-2012-Show-16 Dec-2012-Show-18