Avatar Grove - Vancouver Island

after a 2+ hour drive from the Crofton ferry terminal we arrived in Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island ready for some lunch and then a trip to see Avatar Grove’s old growth forest.

We ended up having a superb meal at the Coastal Kitchen Cafe where they grow their own organic produce in an adjacent garden. Fuelled up and with a map downloaded from the Ancient Forest Alliance website we headed north in search of the grove.


The trees were truly awe-inspiring: reaching up hundreds of feet from the forest floor to reach the sunlight far, far above well beyond where we could still distinguish any sort of detail. As I stood looking up at these gigantic trees I was saddened by the fact that many people only see them in terms of the profit that they can reap by chopping them down...they have much to learn about the true value of the ancient forests as spiritual retreats where we can recharge our own energies from these sanctuaries of long life.