Maple Sugar Day

Hard to believe but there are active maple syrup, good maple syrup, producers west of the Rockies! I grew up sampling the sap straight from the trees in Quebec before it had been boiled down into thick, rich, delicious syrup. There was always a good amount of snow on the ground and I had to take my mittens off to keep them from getting sticky as I scooped the sap out of metal buckets hanging from spigots in trees. Fond memories from a few decades ago!

Imagine my surprise when one of our local hotel/restaurants (The Harbour House) began tapping the maple trees nearby to produce their very own maple syrup. As most other people were, I was skeptical at first so when this year’s annual Maple Sugaring -off came around I decided to go have a taste and decide for myself! It turned out to be excellent syrup and, to top it off, a great little celebration where families could watch tree-tapping demos, wander through the organic gardens and sample fresh syrup on miniature pancakes. I’d recommend it highly to anyone in the area next year!

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