Fernwood Cafe - New Works

I was asked quite a while ago if I would be interested in showing some work at one of our local cafe’s. At the time, I hadn’t set up my studio or printer and was a bit reluctant to commit to a solo undertaking. Fortunately, I decided to say “yes” imagining that it would give me the incentive to finally prepare my studio for ongoing printing projects and other works.

The two series that will be on show, The Excursionists and Mists of Time, all represent current works taken within the past year.

The Excursionists is a reflection on what it means to be a local tourist visiting attractions, towns, sites, parks and other landmarks within fairly close proximity to one’s own home. This is an older notion that applied to people before tourism (i.e.: world-wide travel) became rampant in the 19th, 20th & 21st C., a time when a local excursion was exciting since it was the only change in scenery & lifestyle that many people would experience in their entire lives.

The Mists of Time series is more of a meditation on how the landscape changes as the veils of mist descend upon the land on cooler days, in the fall, winter and spring especially. How forms become more or less prominent as they are partially or fully revealed in the low, even light and concealing mists & clouds that lie over the hills & valleys & waters.


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