Comings & Goings

I have been having to venture off the island more than usual this past months: mostly trips to the hospital in Victoria for various tests & check-ups…not always for me!

Every time I leave the scene from the ferry changes depending on the time of day, the height of the tide, the winds, the clouds and so much more. It makes the trip go much more quickly if I wander the decks with my camera at the ready…

2013 Fall Fair

This year’s Fall Fair certainly did not disappoint! The numerous volunteers organized an incredible event that stretched over two very busy days.

The weather held perfectly for both days: not too hot & dry with just a sprinkle of rain as it all wrapped up on Sunday afternoon. Highlights for me this year were the sheep shearing & sheep herding, the vintage cars, kids 4H livestock show & Odette & Fiera the piggies!…the Lady’s Auxiliary pies were, as usual, out of this world!


Chance Encounters

On a recent visit to Burgoyne Bay I was fortunate enough to meet a group of travellers who had decided to camp on the shoreline during their visit to the island.

They were from all different parts of Canada, travelling on a whim and enjoying a period of freedom that may never return to their lives. They invited me to sit, chat and photograph for a while as they went about their morning routine…such a friendly group!