Last of the Autumn Colours in the Mist

The island and much of the West coast has been blanketed in fog these past few weeks. Some days the fog is only in the low-lying areas and there are blue skies above, other days it is dense and covers even the tallest peaks.

The compositions that emerge from this phenomenon are quite unique: from finger-like tendrils reaching across land and sea to silhouetted figures on a barren looking landscape. I truly love this time of the year as the seasons are changing and we prepare for the shorter, darker days of winter.

Fog-22-Oct-15 Canal-25-Oct Booth-24-Oct-6
Max-mist-21-Oct-8 Fog-22-Oct-13 Ferry-04-Oct-15

Tofino in Black & White

So many opportunities for exploring the environs in and around Tofino in black & white…what a treat to be able to simplify the elemental forces at work into light & shadow!
TofinoBW-2013-20 Tofino-Incinerator-16-Oct-3 Tofino-Incinerator-16-Oct-11
Tofino-Incinerator-16-Oct-35 Tofino-Incinerator-16-Oct-10 TofinoBW-2013-4

Tofino in Colour

After an eight year absence I finally made it back out to the west coast of Vancouver Island to the remote village of Tofino. Perched on the edge of Clayoquot Sound, Tofino boasts some of the most incredible coastal scenery in the World. From ancient rain forests to long stretches of open ocean beaches it definitely has something for everyone on land or sea. Just the trip out to the coast is awe inspiring as you make your way from sea level through the snow capped peaks of Vancouver Island with placid lakes and raging rivers interspersed along the narrow, winding mountain roadways.

This is the first time that I have visited Tofino without a kayak or camping gear which was, at first, quite strange. After a long day of driving and a couple of exciting days out photographing in various conditions I came to appreciate the amenities in our small ocean side cabin…especially the warmth & hot water!

Tofino-17B-Oct-33 Tofino-17-Oct-17 Tofino-evening-15-Oct-16
Tofino-evening-15-Oct-18 Tofino-17B-Oct-23 Tofino-Wick-49