Upcoming Show

I’ve been offered a local venue for a show in December and, as always, deciding on which photos to print is a daunting task. I prefer to present new works with each show that I do and this will be no exception: I have so many to choose from it is critical to establish a theme before going through my archives.

I have decided to explore the macro work that I have from Salt Spring, in particular, the more interpretive macro photos that I have in my collection. They are not necessarily abstract but I have chosen images that present some familiar subjects in an unusual way. It has been quite an experience to re-examine my catalogue from a slightly different perspective and I feel that the final result will be quite impressive as a show.

Here are a few early samples of what I am considering:

Dec-2012-Show-10 Dec-2012-Show-11

Dec-2012-Show-13 Dec-2012-Show-15

Dec-2012-Show Dec-2012-Show-8

Dec-2012-Show-16 Dec-2012-Show-18