some updates to the site

I have been working on streamlining my site to a certain degree in order to present my work to its best advantage on the internet. The gallery format is of particular interest to me: the “slideshows” are quite elegant and give each photo room to breath but the “thumbnail” galleries present a complete series all at once which also has its own appeal. I have decided to have the best of both worlds and use both formats! For my “Recent” and “B&W” galleries I will be using the slideshow and for the remaining galleries, thumbnails. The main reason for this choice is that the two slideshow galleries will be changing more often and I would like the images to be showcased individually rather than as a group; this way they can be better viewed one at a time at a slightly larger scale without having to leave the main gallery page.

Back to Life

Now that the rains have begun in ernest, the levels are rising in our local creeks and streams and the greens are beginning to “pop” once more in the woods. Virtually all of the leaves have fallen from the Oaks, Maples, Alders and other deciduous trees and the first frosts are greeting us in the early morning.

It is a time of transition from Fall to Winter when the forests come back to life despite the lack of leaves on the trees. The earth is nourished once more by frequent rains and you can feel the relief as the plants and animals hydrate as much as they please once more.



Fall Colours

The autumn colours are almost at an end: one more storm and most of the leaves will be gone from the trees. It is an interesting time of the year to be photographing especially as the conditions change so quickly: from overcast to cloudy to clear blue skies and back all in the same day at times! The low cloud and mists creeping their way through the woods are eerily beautiful and lend an alpine feel to the world around the island.



BBoothSkies-2 BoothSkies-5