Full Moon Over Ganges Harbour

I mis-read the time of the moonrise the other night and ended up in town much too early. I thought I’d make the most of it by taking a few photos of the sunset in the harbour before going home for some warmer clothes. Surprisingly, just after the moonrise, the wind changed directions and went from a cool breeze to something more akin to a Santa-Anna: warm but quite blustery. The moon was suspended in a sea of clouds that raced by as it continued to rise higher in the sky. A really magical night!

full-moon-15-may-23 full-moon-15-may-31

Where Eagles Dare to Fly

The weather has been cooperating to such a degree lately resulting in pretty much daily trips down to our local beach to watch the Bald Eagles practicing their hunting, flying, fighting and landing skills. Their aerial ballet is incredible to witness as they use the wind to their best advantage to get the most out of each flight. When they clash, there is beautiful chaos in the flurry of feathers and the tangle of talons

cu-eagles-12-may-8 cu-eagles-12-may-16
dropped-fish booth-bay-10-may-35

A Busy Month: April 2014

I found myself busier than I’d expected to be in April. So many changes in the air that I just had to keep venturing out for more photos!

The backyard & garden is full of life in the form of birds, blossoms & new flowers. The island is teeming with life as well as the leaves begin to appear on the trees once more and the migratory birds return to nest for the summer.

I have been somewhat neglecting my other duties as a result: website upkeep (!), cleaning out and organizing my studio, taxes (who ever enjoys those?) and much more that is not related to actually being out photographing. Now I am past due for catching up!

afternoon-28-april-8 bay-26-april-16 afternoon-28-april-14
sleepy-27-april-2 sleepy-27-april-3 sleepy-27-april