Eagles at Booth Bay

It’s May on Salt Spring which means that, as usual, the Eagles are busy at Booth Bay teaching their young to fish, fly, survive and thrive in the World that awaits them as they approach adulthood. The juveniles begin to moult and lose their spotted camouflage to become true, majestic Bald Eagles with white tops & tails. I love to watch as they swoop and glide in the air above my head just out of arms’ reach sometimes but well within the range of my telephoto lens! The Great Blue Herons put on a pretty good show as well...

Updates to two of my galleries, EAGLES & HERONS and B&W DIGITAL include some more of my recent photographs of these incredible aeronauts.

EagleB27May-9 Eagle27May-5 Eagles25May-20

Sunny day at the farm

Since my recent return from Vancouver the weather on Salt Spring has been anything but co-operative, until now that is: warm and sunny with a cool breeze means ideal conditions to get out for some photo ops!

I haven’t been up to Fitz-Roy Farms in about a month and was expecting to see some changes in the fields: I wasn’t disappointed. The green house is in full swing, the garlic is going mad and the fields are drying out enough that planting is now going ahead almost full tilt. At 3pm the sun was still almost directly overhead so there was a good 6 hours of daylight left...summer is definitely just around the corner! I enjoyed catching up with Dan and Celeste and captured a few photos of them around the farm along with some of my usual documentary works.

Fitz-Roy24May-19 Fitz-Roy24May-9 Fitz-Roy24May-16

Vancouver in May

After nearly three weeks in Vancouver I have a new appreciation for the serenity of my island home. The city is vibrant and full of life but of a different sort to the island: man made, frenetic & varied in a way that Salt Spring can never be with it’s small population and limited area. I enjoyed exploring a few of the more interesting parts of the city and made the most of my time there by recording some of my experiences through the lens of my camera.

Vancouver05May-3-2 CommercialDr-7 Hollywood