Mysterious Pianos

A few days ago, 3 fully functioning and funkily painted pianos showed up in various locations in the heart of Ganges here on Salt Spring Island. Each piano invited people to sit down and play with the simple painted phrase “play your out”.

An elderly woman asked me what the purpose of leaving these pianos outside in the elements (where they would most likely get damaged)could possibly be: “to bring some smiles to people’s faces” was my response because each and every time that I saw someone sit down to play, young or old, good or bad, it brought a smile to their face as well as to those around them!

I decided to venture out after dark to see if anyone was taking advantage of them for an evening serenade…

Piano-18-July-2 PianoM-18-July Piano-18-July-6 Piano-18-July-11

Slowing Down at Booth Bay

Summer is here and, along with it, long, sunny days. The skies are blue and the waters are clear: perfect conditions for experimenting with longer exposures down at our local beach.

The water becomes more solidified and yet less well defined: waves & bubbles turn into mirror-like surfaces and delicate tendrils…something that our eyes cannot see without the help of the magic of the camera.

Beach-01-July-11 Beach-01-July-12
Beach-02-July-14 Beach-02-July