Photosynthesis Show 2012

Each year a select group of Salt Spring photographers presents a group show at our local performing arts centre, Artspring, called Photosynthesis. There is a strict policy when it comes to what can be submitted: new works that have not been previously displayed especially in the Photosynthesis show. Despite having participated in this show since its inception, I still struggle each year with what I will be presenting and have left it to the last possible moment once again. One of the satisfactions of waiting for so long is that I’m more likely to choose images that I have just created and this year is no exception: the past few days have produced over half of the photos that I will be using!

B&W30July B&W30July-2


The summer is finally in full-swing here on Salt Spring Island and, despite the cooler than normal temperatures, it is going quite well so far. I have been puttering around our property more and more these days exploring the garden which is teeming with life: ladybugs, butterflies, damselflies, bees, wasps, dragonflies and spiders all going about their daily business. My time spent in the garden is well rewarded with new, exciting compositions of colourful insects on budding flowers...compositions that will be sorely missed in the winter months!

My energy has been less than stellar so I have had limited access to my usual hiking trails and have been exploring the farm up in the Cranberry Valley as well as other easily accessible areas like Ruckle Park, Burgoyne Bay and Booth Bay. I did manage a short hike partway up Mt. Erskine yesterday and photographed the Arbutus trees which are shedding their leaves and beginning to peel...incredible to witness every year!

check a few updates to my RECENT WORKS page!

Arbutus28July-5 Arbutus28July-4


Summer has finally arrived on Salt Spring Island and with it blue skies and warm weather...perfect for getting out to capture new images! The winter seemed particularly long this year stretching all the way through spring and bumping up against summer. I had a challenging time keeping my energy levels up and am still struggling against daily fatigue but I am staying very productive despite having to piecemeal my work.

The fields at Fitz-Roy Farms are in full production mode, our garden and all of Salt Spring is teeming with life: animal, vegetable & human! Tourist season has arrived, the harbour is full and the Saturday Market in the Park is thriving. All is as it should be


Chocolate09July-5 Market07July-4