Dew Drops

Despite the fact that it is mid-winter here on Salt Spring, there is still plenty of life in and around our garden. The birds that don’t migrate can be found searching for berries & seeds, spiders continue to weave tenuous webs and the plants continue to thrive, some even producing winter buds!

It is an especially pleasant time to venture out early to see what patterns the dew has formed on the various fauna. Tiny lenses on each bud & leaf that magnify the world around them creating miniature, upside-down versions of the garden. The textures and colours show up particularly well in the overcast conditions where there is even light to illuminate every tiny detail…beautiful!


Cloud banks, snow & ice

Periodically throughout the year, here in the Gulf Islands, we experience a weather phenomenon known as an inversion: high pressure systems swoop in above low pressure systems and we have clear, blue skies hovering above low, dense clouds. If you happen to be lucky enough to gain higher ground on one of these days, you’ll find yourself with a very privileged view of the islands as they float amongst the clouds!

Yesterday was such a day and I managed to make my way along Musgrave Road in the South end of the island where the views from Mt. Tuam towards the mainland are some of the best that you can hope for. It was a perfect day to wander among the clouds…


A New Year

A new year is upon us and, so far, it promises to be a very good one indeed! The skies have been cloudy, misty, foggy, clear and everything in between creating diverse opportunities in the photographic landscape of Salt Spring Island.

It is a time to reflect back on the year gone by, to sit by a warm fire and enjoy the deep quiet of the winter months. Stacking wood, cooking soups & stews in the kitchen and relaxing with friends and family for good food and good company! Cooking is another one of my passions and during these cold and dark times I find that spending time in the kitchen keeps me busy & warm and I am rewarded with a great feast at the end of my work: a win-win for sure!