New Works

It has been a long year so far. Challenges with my health, my family and my work, none of which have proven to be insurmountable by any means.

What it has meant is some serious neglect on my website! On top of incorporating new print technologies, working with new gear and working around ongoing health issues, the last thing that comes to mind is sitting down to blog about much. It is a strange way to communicate for me in many respects since I am so visually oriented but, by the same token, it presents with with an opportunity (not always taken!) to explain my work more fully.

My most recent collection, New Horizons, is definitely taking my work in a completely new direction where I am beginning to incorporate various textures in my work as well as textures from other media, most notably traditional stone lithography. The addition of various textures allows me to work away from the merely representational work that I have been comfortable with for decades towards more expressive works. A bit of a renaissance for my photography that I am embracing fully!

textures-20-july textures-30-june-3