Photosynthesis Show

The annual Salt Spring Photographer’s show, Photosynthesis, is on now at our local arts centre, Artspring. It is open from 10-5 daily with one of the show’s members in attendance.


Arbutus: the peel sessions

It’s the time of year once again when our local Arbutus trees begin to peel their old, russet coloured bark to reveal fresh, avocado & lime green new bark beneath: quite a breath-taking display of textures and colours! I particularly love to capture the delicate curls of “skin” as they peel away from the trees and hang on by an invisible connection until the wind, rain, heat, cool or someone’s/thing’s touch breaks the last bond to set them free...a very improbable looking process that last a few days at most.

Arbutus Curls

Arbutus Peel

Arbutus Skin