Studio Up & Running!

After closing my darkroom in 2006, I have been waiting patiently for an opportunity to begin printing my own photographic work once again. In the fall of 2013 I purchased an archival printer and prepared numerous files for printing once I had space to set up my computer, the printer and a presentation space.

My brother Geoffrey is a lithographic printer by training (hand printing from stone) but has been unable to print since he experienced kidney failure over 12 years ago. I managed to clean his studio out enough to make it possible for both of us to work in our chosen mediums if and when he is able to get back to work once more.

A bright, clean 400 square foot space is more than adequate for the work that I am currently undertaking...a welcome change from my claustrophobic dark room!

Watch for print pricing & availability through my website in the coming months. In the mean time, if there are any images you are interested in, please email me at


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